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We carry a full selection of Rx Skin Therapy. Created by a pharmacist, we selected this line because it delivers the most advanced treatment available without a prescription. Specially formulated, concentrated blends of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients work to correct the signs of hormonal aging in all skin types. Our complete line has been developed to promote increased cell turnover, improve collagen production, soothe skin and heal damage from environmental stress. Each formula is pH correct to ensure maximum benefits without irritating dyes or chemical fragrances.

Rx Skin Therapy line

Download your Rx Skin Therapy Card:
Normal: For skin that isn't oily or dry, has few blemishes, is firm and generally smooth with small pores.
Oily: Skin is shiny, possibly greasy, may have large pores and be prone to breakouts.
Blemishes: Skin is normal to oily but has recurring blackheads and enlarged pores.
Anti-Aging: For those whose skin shows signs of aging, including crow’s feet, frown and expression lines, and loss of elasticity and hydration.

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Rx Skin Therapy line

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Rx Skin Therapy Price List

Foaming Facial Cleanser
$28 (1.6 oz) & $34 (5 oz)

Clarifying Wash
$30 (1.6 oz) & $38 (5 oz)

Arnica Facial Cleanser $30

Moisturizers -
Rebuilding Day Cream
$60 (normal, dry or oily)

Restoring Night Cream
$60 (normal, dry or oily)

Clarifying Cream
$60 by Prescription only

Masques & Exfoliants
Hydrating Facial Masque $44
Clarifying Facial Masque $40
by Prescription only
Invigorating Facial Scrub $40

Skin Firming Serum
$58 (0.5 oz) & $85 (1 oz)

Firming Eye Serum $58

Glycolic Acid Peel Gel $60

Retinol Complex
$58 (0.5 oz) & $85 (1 oz)

Retinol Complex Double Strength
$68 (0.5 oz) & $98 (1 oz)


An Important Note About Our
Rest assured that our
products are cruelty-free and
environmentally friendly. We never
test on animals and manufacture with
the environment in mind. All ingredients
are eco-safe. Additionally, our products
contain no irritating dyes or chemical

About Rx Skin Therapy

Kristen Riddle, PharmD, pharmacist and
creator for U.S. Cosmeceuticals, Inc.,
developed the line after years of
compounding problem-solving products
with patients and physicians. She began to
manufacture RX Skin Therapy when she saw
significant clinical successes.

Because the formulations are science-based
and contain medicinal percentages of
cosmeceutical ingredients and botanicals,
the products are significantly different than
most similar products, which often include
only trace amounts of these expensive
ingredients and botanicals.



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